Collection: 520x110mm holder - standard size

A license plate holder is the salvation of all people who do not dare to mount the license plate directly on the vehicle or do not want to do it for other reasons.

How a license plate holder helps you with license plate installation

With a license plate holder you make your life as a vehicle owner easier. Normally you have to laboriously install your new license plate on the vehicle yourself before you can use it. A license plate holder for the standard format 520x110mm solves this problem. The frame has a hole pattern that allows you to attach the bracket to all common vehicle types without drilling. This means you can work precisely automatically and only need a screwdriver.

License plate holder in standard format at at a glance

At we carry a wide range of license plate frames for license plates in standard format:

License plate holder black

A simple license plate holder for those who value function above all and want a simple design. You can find further information about the black license plate holder here.

Carbon license plate holder

You can increase the design level with the carbon license plate holder. This gives the vehicle a more individual look. You can find the carbon license plate holder here.

License plate holder “Rescue lane”

With this license plate holder you take responsibility. The signal color makes you more visible to other road users. The print at the bottom also reminds others to form an emergency lane in traffic jams.

Here you can find more information about the rescue lane license plate holder!

License plate holder pink

This license plate holder also immediately stands out on the street in everyday life. If you like bright colors, you should take a closer look at this model here.

License plate holder black premium

You like it simple but “standard” is still not enough for you. Then you should take a look at the black license plate holder in the premium version. Click here for the product!

License plate holder white

Like the black frame, the white license plate holder is also something for drivers who prefer something a little simpler. Here you will find the white license plate holder.

License plate holder black and white premium

This license plate holder combines black and white to create a high-contrast premium version with a very balanced look. Here you will find further information about the Black and White Premium license plate holder!

License plate holder Velcro

With this license plate holder you don't have to drill or screw. Instead, the holder is glued on and connected to the license plate using Velcro.

Click here for this innovative license plate holder!

License plate holder Simple Fix

The Simple Fix license plate holder is also innovative. Instead of one static module, you get two clip modules, the distance between which you determine yourself. License plates of different sizes fit into the holder.

Further information about the Simple Fix license plate can be found here!

License plate holder silver

If you don't like black or white, you might be happier with the silver license plate holder.

Here you will find all information about this license plate variant!

Chrome license plate holder

The most elegant license plate holder variant comes with a chrome finish. Anyone who wants that certain something should buy the Chrome license plate frame here.

License plate holder federal state

Show which state your heart beats for! All information about the federal state license plate holder can be found on this page.