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License plate holder federal state

License plate holder federal state

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  • A real eye-catcher: Frame your license plate and give the rear of the vehicle its own look
  • No rattling: The license plate is held in place by the holder. Annoying license plate rattling is now a thing of the past
  • Show your flag: With the printed name and coat of arms of the federal state, you can show everyone which federal state you come from!
  • Robust and easy to assemble: No tools required for assembly and can be used multiple times
  • Suitable for all common vehicle types: standard size of 520mm x 110mm

Protection for your vehicle and visually striking

First and foremost, a license plate holder improves the look of your car because the thick frame visually highlights the license plate. At the same time, the license plate holder with a federal state print also protects against paint damage to the rear area of ​​your car. In the long term, this will save you money on repairing damage. A holder also eliminates annoying rattling noises from the license plate.

At the same time, with this special license plate holder you can show which federal state you come from or which federal state your heart beats for. The license plate holder is available for all 16 German federal states. When ordering, simply select the appropriate federal state. An additional highlight: Not only the name, but also the coat of arms of the federal state are printed on the license plate holder.

Easy to assemble, long lasting and robust

The license plate holder with federal state print comes in the standard size of 520 mm x 110 mm and complies with the applicable EU standard. Only Austrian license plates do not fit in the holder. This means it fits all license plates on common vehicle types.

Assembly is extremely simple. To open the holder, simply remove the connecting rod with a sharp object - for example a pen. Now you can place the license plate in the holder. If you want to swap the license plate, proceed in the same way. This means that the license plate holder can be used multiple times.

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