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License plate holder black/white premium

License plate holder black/white premium

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  • Interesting color combination : The license plate holder is black and has a white inner edge. This creates an exciting contrast.
  • Always be visible: With the license plate frame in black with a white border, you are guaranteed to stand out
  • Easy installation: The license plate holder makes installing the license plate child's play - without drilling!
  • Quick license plate change : Since the license plate itself is not screwed on tightly, a license plate change can be done in no time!

Exciting color combination makes the rear of your vehicle an eye-catcher

One of the most visually interesting license plate holders in our range is this version in black with a white inner edge. The contrast makes both colors shine and creates a beautiful effect. Nevertheless, the combination is neutral enough to match all car colors.

Mounting the license plate: simple and safe

The main advantage of the black license plate frame with a white border is the simplified installation of the license plate. Normally, you have to drill holes yourself with a drill in order to attach the new license plate to the rear of the vehicle. The position of the holes is visible on the license plate, but the execution is still not trivial. Most people are only used to drilling into walls or wood - but aluminum behaves differently.

Incorrectly placed holes can quickly be drilled, resulting in a license plate that is not securely attached. This may even lead to annoying noises while driving.

The license plate holder, on the other hand, comes with pre-drilled holes and simply needs to be mounted on the rear with a screwdriver. The license plate is then inserted and can be quickly exchanged at any time.

Suitable for almost all license plates

The license plate frame in black with a white inner edge was developed for the license plate size 520x110 mm. This means that most European license plates can be attached to this holder.

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