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License plate holder silver

License plate holder silver

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  • Extraordinary look : The license plate holder in silver gives your vehicle a cool and modern look
  • Easy to assemble: The license plate holder has pre-drilled holes and is therefore very easy to assemble
  • Insert and change license plates in seconds: Changing the license plate holder only takes a few moments
  • No rattling: With the license plate holder you eliminate all rattling noises
  • For all European vehicles : standard size 520x110mm

Extravagant look and easy license plate installation with the silver license plate holder

With the silver license plate holder you can set a clear, modern accent using simple means.

But in addition to the look, the license plate holder in silver has other advantages. As a rule, you first have to make holes in the license plate in order to mount it. To do this, you need a drill and have to work very precisely so that the license plate is firmly attached to the vehicle and cannot fall down or rattle while driving.

Things are different with the license plate holder because the holes are already pre-drilled. This means it is practically impossible to make major errors during assembly. to make mistakes during assembly. The license plate itself is then simply inserted into the frame and fixed. Changing the license plate is no longer a problem. Where you would otherwise have to loosen the screw connection, you can simply insert the new license plate using a license plate holder.

No more annoying rattling noises

If you don't use a license plate holder, it will rattle more often when you mount the license plate directly on the vehicle. This is due to sloppy assembly. Because the holes in the license plate holder are already there, you can't make any mistakes during installation. This prevents annoying rattling noises from the silver license plate holder.

License plate holder for European license plates

The silver license plate holder is available in dimensions 520x110 mm. It is made of selected materials and is therefore robust and durable.

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