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License plate holder “Rescue lane”

License plate holder “Rescue lane”

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  • Prevent accidents and save lives: The inscription reminds drivers to form an emergency lane, thus preventing accidents
  • Support paramedics: If an accident has already occurred, help rescue workers get to the scene more quickly by pointing out to others that an emergency lane has been formed
  • Can't be overlooked: The neon yellow border makes the license plate frame very eye-catching and always visible, even in the dark
  • Suitable for standard license plates: With a width of 520 mm, the license plate holder fits perfectly for all standard license plates
  • Easy to install: Extra thin manufacturing allows for easy installation on all types of vehicles

Take on more responsibility in road traffic with the emergency lane license plate holder

To ensure that everyone is safe on the road, everyone must take responsibility and not just look out for themselves. With the “Rescue Lane” license plate holder, you are making a contribution to the safety of all road users.

The license plate frame has lettering that informs other road users to form an emergency lane in the event of a traffic jam. Accidents often arise from inattention or ignorance - not from malicious intent or incompetence. A license plate holder with the appropriate inscription can remind other drivers to form an emergency lane and thus help prevent rear-end collisions. 

Even if an accident has already occurred, a functioning emergency lane guarantees quick access for emergency services. In a car accident, every second counts. The faster the rescue workers are at the scene of the accident, the better the accident victims can be helped.

Visible even in the dark thanks to reflective signal color

The rescue lane license plate holder was deliberately equipped with a neon yellow frame. This frame is very eye-catching and reflective in the dark. This means it is also clearly visible at night, where an emergency lane is particularly important because accidents are more likely to happen.

With a width of 520 mm, the license plate holder is suitable for common license plates in Germany and Europe. The holder was made extra thin so that it can be easily installed on all common vehicles.

Size: 520x110mm

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