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License plate holder Simple Fix

License plate holder Simple Fix

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  • Individual dimensions for small license plates: The Simple Fix system is designed so that you can determine the distance yourself. How to use the holder with license plates between 400 and 460 mm long.
  • Set for two license plates: The Simple Fix license plate holder comes with four modules so that you can use the set for two license plates
  • Very easy installation: With the Simple Fix, installing the license plate is very easy because all the holes are pre-drilled and the license plate itself does not need to be damaged
  • Easily replace license plates: Changing license plates is also very easy with the Simple Fix
  • Adhesive tape for additional hold: Included in the set is double-sided adhesive tape that you can use to give the license plate additional hold

Frameless license plate holder Simple Fix for subtle simplicity

With the Simple Fix we offer one of the easiest ways to elegantly mount a license plate on your vehicle without drilling. The highlight: Instead of a single, static frame, the Simple Fix license plate holder consists of dynamically placeable clip modules that can be attached at any distance from one another. In principle, Simple Fix is ​​suitable for all single-line license plates, but is best suited for short license plates up to 460 mm long.

The license plate holder is frameless - which means, in contrast to other license plate holders, it is not visible during operation and does not create any visual accents. This makes the Simple Fix license plate holder particularly suitable for those who want a simple and inconspicuous license plate holder.

Simple Fix offers everything you need to install two license plates

The set includes everything you need to install two license plates:

  • 4 clip modules for 2 license plates
  • 4 sheet metal screws
  • Double-sided adhesive tape for a firm hold
  • assembly Instructions

Thanks to the monthly instructions, even people with two left hands will find it very easy to mount and change a license plate.

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