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License plate holder white

License plate holder white

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  • Cool and modern look: The license plate holder is completely in timeless white
  • No drilling: The license plate holder is simply mounted on the vehicle using the holes and screws provided. You don't need to drill into the license plate
  • Easy to change the license plate: The license plate can be changed just as quickly as it is installed
  • No noise: Because the mounting holes are specified, the license plate sits firmly and does not rattle
  • Suitable for any license plate in the standard format 520 x 110 mm

White license plate holder for all license plates in standard format

The license plate holder in white holds all license plates in the standard format 520 x 110 mm. It is ideal for people who don't want to forego the convenience of a license plate holder, but value a modern, clean look that doesn't get old.

Compared to a black and white or even neon pink license plate, this white license plate holder fits well into the overall look of your vehicle. Overall, this results in a consistent and unobtrusive, elegant look.

Easy to install and quickly change your license plates

The white license plate holder allows you to mount license plates very easily. You will usually need to drill a new license plate to attach it to the vehicle. To do this, you need a drill and the necessary manual skills to avoid making any mistakes when drilling. If mistakes still happen, this will result in a license plate that is not attached correctly. Then there is a risk that the license plate will fall off or make annoying noises while driving.

You can prevent all of this with the license plate holder. This consists of two parts: a base plate and a connector strip. A suitable hole pattern for all common vehicle brands and models makes installation very easy. Assembly instructions are also included.

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