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License plate holder Velcro

License plate holder Velcro

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  • Easy to assemble: The Velcro license plate holder is very easy to assemble and no technical skills are required
  • Without drilling: In contrast to conventional license plate holders, you don't have to drill at all with the Velcro license plate holder
  • No noise: If installed incorrectly, the license plate often starts to rattle. This comes to an end with the license plate holder
  • Change license plates in a flash: If necessary, the license plate can be easily replaced in just a few seconds - without tools!
  • Standard size for European license plates

Velcro license plate frame in black for easy license plate installation

In contrast to conventional license plate frames, where the holder is screwed to the car, the Velcro license plate frame works fundamentally differently. It consists of two parts: the Velcro side and the fleece side. Attach the Velcro side to the vehicle as usual. However, you do not screw the license plate frame tight, but use the adhesive side to fix the holder. Attach the fleece side to the license plate in the same way. Then simply place the prepared license plate on the license plate holder. The Velcro technology ensures a firm hold.

Quick change of license plate

In addition, changing the license plate is even easier than with a conventional license plate holder. You simply pull the old license plate off the holder, remove the fleece side and attach it to the new license plate. The new license plate is then stuck onto the Velcro surface.

License plate holder Velcro with a subtle look

Of course, you also benefit from the usual advantages of license plate holders with a Velcro-based license plate holder. This means there are no rattling noises if the license plate is installed inaccurately and the license plate remains undamaged. Visually, however, it is much more discreet than a normal license plate frame. With the Velcro version, the holder itself remains virtually invisible.

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