Collection: Short license plate holders

Why do you need short license plate holders?

Like most things in Germany, license plates are standardized. As a rule, normal license plates measure 520 mm x 110 mm. So why do you need a short license plate holder?

Short license plate holders measure 460x110 mm and are intended for the use of short-term license plates. Short-term license plates are issued if it is clear when registering that the vehicle will only be used for a short, clearly defined period of time. Therefore, some people need a short license plate holder.

Why do you even need a license plate holder?

In general, license plate holders of any size are used for two reasons:

The most important reason for a license plate holder is to simplify the installation of the license plate. Normally you end up having to laboriously drill holes into a new license plate yourself. This effort is eliminated when you use a license plate holder because they already have holes. This is how the bracket is mounted on the vehicle. The license plate is then simply fixed in the holder. Replacing a license plate is correspondingly easy if a frame is available.

The second reason for using a license plate holder is the look. With a license plate holder you can personalize your car and give it a special touch. There are license plate holders for every taste - whether brightly colored, with a federal state or completely simple and frameless.

Which short license plate holders are available to buy at

We currently have two short license plate holders on offer.

License plate holder 460x110 mm

The license plate holder measuring 460x110 mm is a simple black license plate frame that makes installing and dismantling the license plate easy.

The license plate holder measuring 460x110 mm costs €4.99. You can buy it here.

License plate holder Simple Fix

The Simple Fix license plate holder is a frameless license plate holder that is particularly easy to install. Then insert the license plate. The Simple Fix license plate holder measures 460x110 mm.

Click here for the Simple Fix license plate holder!