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License plate holder 460x110mm

License plate holder 460x110mm

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  • License plate holder for European seasonal license plates: At 460x110mm, the holder has the right dimensions for European seasonal license plates
  • Easy to install: Simply use the pre-drilled holes and screw it to the vehicle, then the license plate can be easily inserted
  • No rattling: Since you don't have to drill yourself, you can't go wrong when installing license plates, even if you're not very skilled at working. In this way you avoid the rattling of the license plate that is typical of incorrect installation
  • Easily change the license plate: You can change the license plate in just a few simple steps
  • Simple look: The license plate holder comes in subtle black

The license plate holder 460x110mm for seasonal license plates

The license plate holder 460x110 mm was developed specifically for European seasonal license plates. You can use seasonal license plates, for example, for your summer car or a vehicle in general that you do not use all year round, but only during a clearly defined period of time.

The premium license plate holder in size 460 x 110 mm makes mounting the license plate easy at all times. Instead of building holes in your license plate and damaging it, simply use the holes in the license plate holder. This also makes exchanging the license plate child's play.

Simple design and finally no more background noise

Visually, the license plate holder 460x100 mm is kept in simple black. This makes it well suited for all people who value clean and simple installation of their license plate, but want a visually neutral solution.

A license plate holder allows you to easily mount and change a license plate. Normally, when you get a new license plate, you have to drill holes in the license plate yourself and then mount it on the vehicle. This is not the case with the license plate holder. Here the holes are made during production.

Once installed, all you need to do is place a new license plate in the holder and secure it. Because the holes in the license plate holder are placed very precisely, the rattling of the license plate at the rear of the vehicle, which often occurs when the license plate is clumsily installed yourself, disappears.

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