Collection: Premium license plate holder

Standard is not enough for many people. That's why, in addition to our normal license plate holders at a low price, we also offer some premium variants. These have a higher quality finish and therefore a more elegant look.

All premium license plate holders from at a glance

Chrome license plate holder

Our chrome-look license plate holder is the perfect frame for anyone who values ​​an elegant finish and an eye-catching design.

Click here for the chrome-look license plate holder!

Carbon license plate holder

Carbon also gives the license plate holder an elegant, but somewhat more sedate look.

Because you can find carbon license plate holders here!

License plate holder black premium

The license plate holder in premium black enhances every vehicle. The subtle shine of the black frame contrasts wonderfully with the white license plate. In combination with a matching vehicle color, the inconspicuous license plate area becomes a small highlight.

Click here for the premium license plate holder in black!

License plate holder Velcro

If you not only don't want to drill, but also want to avoid screwing completely, the Velcro license plate holder is a good choice. This consists of a Velcro and a fleece side. The Velcro side is stuck to the vehicle and the fleece side is stuck to the license plate. You then attach the license plate flexibly to the holder.

You can buy the Velcro license plate holder here!

More comfort and a beautiful look - that's why the premium license plate holders from are worth it

With the license plate holders in the premium version, you of course benefit from the advantages that all license plate frames have in common.

You don't have to drill and you don't need a drill to mount the license plate. All license plate holders have a pre-punched hole pattern that covers all manufacturers and vehicle types. All you need for assembly is a screwdriver and the included screws.

Changing your license plate is just as easy. Since not the license plate, but only the holder is screwed to the vehicle, replacement is possible at any time and can be accomplished without any tools.