Collection: Neon holder

Particularly eye-catching license plate holders that are guaranteed to attract everyone's attention.

The neon-colored license plate holders at a glance

We have two neon-colored license plate holders in our range.

License plate holder pink

If you particularly like bright colors, you have found the perfect frame for your own license plate with the pink license plate holder. The bright frame for the license plate stands out everywhere - especially if the car is painted in a contrasting color. The pink license plate holder holds all license plates in the standard size 520 x 110 mm.

Click here for the pink license plate holder

License plate holder emergency lane

The "Rescue Lane" license plate holder immediately stands out thanks to its signal yellow color. In the lower area there is a note: "In case of traffic jams: form an emergency lane!" This means that the license plate holder fulfills three useful functions: The license plate is easy to install, you are clearly visible in traffic and at the same time remind other drivers of important traffic rules.

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Why a license plate holder is often a good idea

What is a license plate holder good for anyway - can you simply drill the license plate onto the vehicle as usual? This is correct in principle, but in practice this often leads to problems. First you need a drill. Without technical skills, it is also difficult to drill precisely positioned holes. In case of doubt, this leads to loose license plates on the car and annoying rattling noises.

A license plate holder, on the other hand, has a prefabricated hole pattern. The hole pattern is designed so that you can attach the holder to all common vehicle types without drilling. Once the license plate holder is attached, insert the license plate and fix it with the hinge. The license plate now sits securely on the vehicle and can be replaced at any time without much effort. In addition, the license plate remains undamaged.