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License plate holders are a way to mount and exchange license plates easily and quickly, without you having any significant craftsmanship skills or needing tools.

But many people find a license plate holder expensive - after all, it's just a piece of plastic - right? However, upon closer inspection, both claims turn out to be false.

License plate holders under €5 at a glance

At we stock various license plate holders for less than €5 - less than 2 beers in your local pub.

License plate holder black

The black license plate holder is perfect for anyone who needs a simple frame for their license plate without an eye-catching look and doesn't want to spend a lot of money. It is easy to install, allows the license plate to be changed easily and costs only €4.99.

Buy license plate holder in black here!

License plate holder 460x110 mm

A license plate holder is also practical for the second vehicle. However, the seasonal license plates in Europe have different dimensions than the conventional license plates. The license plate holder 460x110 mm can help. You can easily equip your summer vehicle with a frame and change the license plate in no time.

The license plate holder measuring 460x110 mm costs €4.99. You can buy it here.

License plate holder Simple Fix

You can also get a frameless license plate holder from us for under €5. With the Simpel Fix license plate holder, the manufacturer has placed particular emphasis on easy installation. The Simple Fix is ​​frameless and therefore not visually noticeable once the license plate is mounted.

Here you will find the Simple Fix license plate holder

Is a license plate holder worth under €5? All advantages at a glance

A license plate holder is just a small investment for a huge time saving and an increase in convenience. Normally, when you get a new license plate and want to install it, you have to drill holes in the new license plate yourself and then mount it in the appropriate place on the vehicle. This is not necessary when using a holder because the holes are already pre-drilled or the frame is attached with adhesive.

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