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License plate holder black premium

License plate holder black premium

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  • Elegant look for elegant vehicles: license plate holder in premium black
  • Versatile: Fits all 520x110 mm license plates
  • Incorrect installation is impossible: While you normally have to drill the holes yourself when installing license plates, this step is no longer necessary with a license plate holder
  • Replacing license plates made easy: Because the license plate is simply inserted, it can be removed again without a drill.

Easily mount and replace license plates with the license plate holder in premium black

You just bought a new car and picked up the license plate. Now all you have to do is mount the license plate and off you go, right? For many people, license plate installation is a real challenge. Drilling with a drill is necessary for assembly. However, many people neither have a drill nor the skill to make the necessary holes. The license plate holder in premium black makes installing the license plate easy. It comes with pre-made holes so all you have to do is screw the bracket tight with a screwdriver. Then simply insert the license plate.

No annoying noises due to incorrect assembly

A nice side effect when using the license plate holder: Installation is almost impossible to fail. However, if you drill the license plate yourself, small mistakes can quickly occur, which can result in the license plate not holding firmly to the car but moving. The vibrations created in this way create an unpleasant rattling sound. This problem does not arise when using the license plate frame because the holes are always in exactly the same place.

Perfect finish for your dream car

Visually, the license plate holder in premium black is a special treat. With its slight shine, it goes perfectly with modern vehicles with a fresh paint job. Do you like to show off what you have? Then this license plate frame is the right one.

The core sign holder with a premium black finish comes in dimensions of 520x110 mm. This includes all license plates in Europe, with the exception of the Austrian license plates.

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