Collection: Two-line license plate holder

Two-line license plates are used on larger vehicles such as mobile homes, vans or buses. So that vehicle owners do not have to forego the convenience of license plate holders, there are two-line license plate holders.

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Two-line chrome license plate holder

Make a real impression on the streets with the two-line license plate holder in chrome look. In combination with a motorhome, truck or bus, the holder ensures that certain wow effect.

Here you can buy the two-line license plate holder in a chrome look!

License plate holder, two lines, black

The two-line license plate in black also looks great. Overall, however, it is more subtle than the alternative in Chrome. So if you prefer a more reserved look, you are well advised with this license plate frame.

Click here for the two-line, black license plate holder!

Why you need a license plate holder

Not every vehicle owner necessarily needs a license plate holder. Do you have a drill and feel capable of drilling precise holes? Then a license plate holder is not necessary. But even then it makes your life easier. Because instead of a drill, with a license plate holder you only need a screwdriver and screws to mount the holder and the license plate. In a license plate frame, the holes are already prefabricated. You can easily equip all standard vehicles with the holder without a drill.