Collection: Frameless license plate holders

License plate holders are available in different versions. The frameless license plate holder is ideal for all drivers who don't like the look of a frame. If a license plate is attached to the frameless holder, the holder is no longer visible after installation. A frameless license plate holder is a good way to enjoy the advantages of a license plate holder without having to accept the characteristic frame look.

Frameless license plate holder: All the advantages at a glance

Like all license plate holders, the frameless versions also offer some advantages.

Many people don't want to mount their license plate on their vehicle themselves without a holder because they don't have the necessary craftsmanship skills. If you make mistakes when drilling, the license plate may no longer sit firmly on the rear of the vehicle and start to rattle while driving.

The assembly does not require any technical skills. Either the holes are already pre-drilled or you don't need any screws at all for assembly. Once the license plate frame is installed, simply insert the license plate without damaging it. This also makes the change very easy.

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At you currently get two different license plate holders without frames.

License plate holder Simple Fix

The Simple Fix license plate holder is a frameless license plate holder variant in which two clip modules are attached to the vehicle and secured with screws. The holes are already pre-drilled, so you don't have to use the drill yourself. Then insert the license plate. The Simple Fix license plate holder measures 460x110 mm and therefore fits all license plates in Europe - with the exception of Austrian license plates, which have different dimensions.

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Velcro license plate holder

The Velcro license plate holder makes use of Velcro technology. This means that no screwing or drilling is necessary for assembly. Instead, the Velcro side is stuck to the vehicle and the fleece side to the license plate. The Velcro license plate holder is available in the dimensions 520x110 mm and therefore fits all common European license plates (except Austria).

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