Collection: Chrome license plate holder

Chrome license plate holders are something very special. Even from a distance you can immediately see the difference to a plastic license plate holder. Therefore, you will of course also find some chrome-plated license plate holders at

Chrome-plated license plate frames at a glance

License plate holder chrome

The chrome-look license plate holder is perfect for anyone who values ​​that certain something in their vehicle. The Chrome license plate holder provides an overall polished and clean look, and a design that is unmistakable. A curved bar completes this picture. The chrome-look license plate frame is suitable for all license plates in the standard format 520x110 mm.

The license plate holder consists of a base plate with a suitable hole pattern for all common vehicle types and the hinge strip for attaching the license plate.

Two-line license plate holder chrome

The two-line license plate holder does not differ from the single-line version either in its elegant design or in the materials used. The only difference is that the two-line license plate holder holds the corresponding two-line license plates. They are used in larger vehicles, such as motorhomes.

Click here for the two-line license plate holder in chrome look

Why a license plate holder makes sense

For many people, a license plate holder initially seems like a superfluous gadget. After all, it is not strictly speaking necessary to securely mount a license plate on a vehicle. That's true - but a license plate frame still makes a lot of things easier. So you can leave the drill in the cupboard. To mount the bracket on the vehicle, you only need a screwdriver and the included screws. After installing the license plate holder, insert the license plate and fix it with the strip that is also included. The license plate remains undamaged, you don't need any complex tools and replacing the license plate only takes a few seconds.

For all people who don't want to damage their license plate, don't have a drill or simply want to save themselves the effort, the license plate holder is always a good choice.